Ali Hoffman, Project Manager

Ali and CecileAli graduated in 2012 and started working on campaigns right out of school  Soon she was hooked on the feeling of going home every night feeling like she was making a difference.

Over her three years at Grassroots she’s been able to work on a variety of issues in a number of different roles. From registering voters in Ohio; to fundraising for an LGBT campaign for the ACLU in Kansas City and Charlottle, NC; to knocking on doors for the Obama campaign in Colorado she’s had a tangible impact on a variety of the issues that she cares about most.  Being a part of both Obama’s 2012 election and the nationwide legalization of marriage equality was an incredible experience for Ali.

Looking forward, she’s excited to get the opportunity to work with recent grads who are in the same position she was in when she started out just a few years ago.