National Recruitment Administrator

BenBenjamin Elliott Mischa Paltin began their career at Grassroots Campaigns in November 2015 in the Boston Canvass office as a Canvasser on behalf of the Southern Poverty Law Center while they were attending the Berklee College of Music. After working there for two weeks, they were promoted to Field Manager and helped lead teams around the city to inform the public about social issues and build support for progressive causes.  After six months, they moved to the central office to assist on the 2016 Campaign Staff project. When that project completed they were promoted to National Recruitment Administrator, where they help to coordinate all of the background workings of the Recruitment Team.

“Working at Grassroots Campaigns gives me an opportunity to turn my passion for change into action.  After facing discrimination throughout my childhood and adulthood, I am extremely grateful to be fighting on behalf of progressive causes.  I am excited to continue my career at Grassroots Campaigns, and am ready to do whatever it takes to create progressive change!”