Curran Hamilton, Canvass Director, Sacramento 

curranCurran graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Humboldt State University in 2014. While pursuing a career in web development he ended up working at an advertising agency making websites for those fighting against what he believed in. Curran was then canvassed by a Grassroots Canvasser and was informed about the Southern Poverty Law Center and all of their great work. He took the plunge and started supporting the work of the SPLC. This step lead Curran into a life of activism, and he soon started canvassing for Grassroots Campaigns.

Curran has worked his way up from a Core Canvasser, to a Field Manager, Lead Field Manager, Lead Assistant Director, and is now Canvass Director of the Sacramento Door Office.

“I love getting people involved in activism work, whether through canvassing them and getting them to contribute, or by interviewing them for canvassing positions and starting them down their own path to activism!”