Dan McCormick, Canvass Director, Berkeley

Before coming to Grassroots Campaigns, Dan enjoyed singing and performing with Pipe Dream Theatre in shows such as “The Nutcracker and The Mouse King” OFF-Broadway at the Beckett Theater where he had the privilege of playing King Havarti: The Mouse King. Dan graduated from Manhattan College in May of 2014 with a double major in Government and Urban Affairs.

Since joining Grassroots Campaigns in June of 2014, Dan has been able to run offices in New Brunswick, NJ, New York City, and Boston. He then joined the National Roving Recruitment Team to identify and recruit talented activists from all around the country before moving to California to run the Berkeley canvass office.

Dan’s favorite moment at Grassroots Campaigns came on June 26, 2015 when marriage equality finally became legal in all 50 states. The celebration and joy felt by his New York City office because of this huge victory was unlike anything else.