Democratic National Committee

At the time Grassroots Campaigns was founded in December 2003, the Democratic Party was staring uphill at a massive fundraising advantage amassed by the Bush/Cheney campaign and the national GOP.

Given the urgency of fighting President Bush, the DNC set out to level the playing field by engaging more rank-and-file Democrats in supporting the party. The DNC enlisted Grassroots Campaigns to develop and manage a face-to-face fundraising program, as a critical piece of its party-building strategy.

By May 2004, we had opened local field offices in 40 different cities. By July, over 2,000 Grassroots Campaigns canvassers were knocking on doors and speaking to people all across the country. In the end, the campaign generated millions of additional dollars for the 2004 campaign effort and identified several hundred thousand new grassroots donors – effectively tripling the DNC’s small donor base.

Howard Dean with the Chicago Canvass Directors