Ellie Gordon, Senior National Recruiter


When Ellie was a senior in 2014 she had no idea what she wanted to do after college.  She found out about Grassroots Campaigns and decided to take some time to work hard for some really crucial organizations while she was figuring it all out.  Before the end of the year Ellie was running her own office and every day she trained her staff go out and talk to their community about the issues they believed in.  She stopped trying to figure out what was next, because with everything that’s going on in the world right now, Ellie felt pretty clear that this is where she wanted to be.

In a year and a half with GCI, Ellie has overseen eight different fundraising campaigns.  In her first month with Grassroots Campaigns, Ellie helped launch a campaign for Doctors Without Borders in Boston, which was the first time MSF had tried face to face outreach in the US.  A year later Ellie’s office launched the same campaign in LA.  

“It was really exciting to see my new team expand a campaign that had started with a handful of people in just a couple of cities.  Seeing different groups of people across the country from each other fight for the same things and spread the same messages is really inspiring and that more than anything makes me continually believe that real change is possible”.

Now Ellie has the opportunity to ramp up GCI’s entire outreach efforts throughout the next year to get new offices open around the country.  We have big goals and a lot of cities that we want to expand into and it’s Ellie’s responsibility to hire the next generation of leadership needed to hit these goals. 

 “It’s been a unique opportunity to make real impacts on a lot of different issues that I’m passionate about.  My favorite part has always been starting new projects in new cities and seeing them take root.”