Harry Pesce, National Recruiter

Harry believes the most important part in developing a team and running a successful project is developing leaders, which has been a passion of his since high school. After serving as President of his youth organization, New England Region BBYO, he learned how to work with people to help develop their own leadership skills. Throughout college Harry served in leadership roles in his fraternity and student government, furthering his passion for leadership development. He knew after serving in these roles, he was not in a position to have a career as an administrative assistant or working 9-5 in a corporate office. Majoring in political science and gaining experience in both policy work with Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) and campaign work with former State Senator Warren Tolman (D-Watertown), he quickly fell in love with the campaign lifestyle.

     Harry joined GCI in May of 2015 as an Assistant Director in the Boston office running campaigns for Planned Parenthood & Doctors Without Borders with a team that raised over $130,000 that summer. Over the fall season, Harry was able to work with the Southern Poverty Law Center, building support and finding members passionate about fighting against hate groups and discrimination. After directing for seven months, he is currently on the National Recruitment team to build up our staff for one of the most important elections in recent history.

“One of my proudest accomplishments was seeing two of my summer Field Managers work their way up to become directors”.