Josh Mesman, Canvass Director, Kansas City

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Josh Mesman is from the Greater Area of New Orleans, Louisiana. Growing up as a conservative Christian, they had quite a change of worldview after they came out. They joined Grassroots office in New Orleans in December 2014 for the marriage equality campaign with the ACLU. With their help, the office raised over $100,000 to help the ACLU win marriage equality in June 2015 in all 50 states. From then on, they helped fight for Planned Parenthood in the midst of the video controversy that summer and later for transgender rights on behalf of the National LGBTQ Task Force. After graduating with their Bachelor’s in Sociology from Southeastern Louisiana University in December of 2015, they became an assistant director of Philadelphia’s street campaign office and then later the lead canvass director doing work against hate groups and bullying on behalf of the Southern Poverty Law Center. As of late May 2016, Josh now works in Kansas City, doing work again on behalf of the ACLU for LGBT rights. They plan to make Kansas City’s office rise as a very competitive office for Grassroots Campaigns.