Merida Lloyd, Senior Leadership Hiring Director

2016 Headshot-10Merida’s passion for grassroots activism developed in college but it wasn’t until she worked as a Field Organizer for Organizing for America that she realized the effectiveness of grassroots organizing as a vehicle to drive the progressive movement forward. After Election Day she simply googled “grassroots campaigns that are hiring” looking for a permanent position in activism in order to avoid jumping from one campaign to the next.  Merida was hired, and quickly moved to Massachusetts from Florida for an Assistant Canvass Director position with Grassroots Campaigns.

Since joining Grassroots Campaigns, Merida has run both field and fundraising campaign offices in MA, NC, PA and CO. She is proud of the team that she developed to work with her through the harsh winters of western Massachusetts, on behalf of her favorite organizations like Oxfam America, Planned Parenthood, American Civil Liberties Union, Southern Poverty Law Center, and Sierra Club. She expanded the scope of the smallest office in the country to cover MA, CT and NY bringing her team to success in hitting ambitious goals for our partner groups.

Merida is currently managing the senior level recruitment department for Grassroots Campaigns.  She is also developing the website, managing social media, organizing monthly destination meetings, and hosting all of the birthday parties in the central office. If you are an experienced candidate interested in a leadership position within our organization, please send your resume to Merida at mlloyd(at)

“#GCI love my job because it has given me the opportunity to dedicate all of my time to so many of my favorite nonprofit organizations, while also working to get progressive leaders into office. I’ve learned so much with this organization and continue to learn new things every day.”