Nina Wheeler, Canvass Director, Chicago

Before GCI:

I graduated from Elizabethtown College, located in Central PA, in 2014, with a B.A. in Political Science.  My focus was primarily international politics.  I represented the Foreign Affairs Minister of Poland in my school’s participation in the Mid-Atlantic European Union Simulation in 2011, and was Head Delegate for my school’s participation in the Harvard National Model United Nations in 2012.  In 2012, I studied abroad in Beijing and learned basic Mandarin.  When I graduated I decided to take a break from the whirlwind of college and decision-making, and worked as a cook in a hotel for a year.

Since GCI:

I was hired by GCI as a canvasser on behalf of Planned Parenthood, in Boston, in June 2015.  Within four days I worked my first Field Manager shift, and was soon approached about becoming an Assistant Director.  September was my first month as a Director, and I spent it in Philadelphia, running a field experiment that will hopefully result in groundbreaking voter registration tactics.  Then, I joined the directing team in the Kansas City office, campaigning to save the prairies for The Nature Conservancy.  A few weeks into that post I was pulled onto a 14-day Get Out the Vote campaign in Denver, where we were knocking door to door to push a ballot initiative that would make college cheaper.  Just recently I was promoted to Canvass Director of Chicago, and cannot wait to lead their campaigns into success!  My proudest achievement through all this?  In 11 weeks of canvassing I raised $10,000 for Planned Parenthood Federation of America over the summer, in spite of the smear campaign that was simultaneously being propagated by right-wing extremists.