Canvass Leadership Staff

[acc_item title=”Wes Jones
Vice President and National Canvass Director”]

Wes Jones played instrumental roles in some of the most groundbreaking face-to-face canvassing and fundraising efforts in the United States. Although he tends to downplay his record, Wes helped engineer political outreach operations like the very first small donor fundraising canvass for the DNC, and the first successful street canvassing operation in the U.S.,for Greenpeace in the 1990s.

Wes first got into running canvasses right after college, when Newt Gingrich’s attack on environmental policies inspired him to take a job organizing in North Carolina. He thought he’d do it for about a year, but almost 20 years later, Wes has helped develop and fine-tune principles of small donor fundraising that many nonprofits and consultants rely upon today.

Since co-founding and building Grassroots Campaigns from scratch in 2003, his teams have raised more than $100 million for clients like the DNC, ACLU and Planned Parenthood. As the director of the canvass operation, he oversees the leadership team running 30 offices across the country, is bottom line for training and strategy, and advises on the launching of new campaigns.

Wes holds a degree from Tulane University in Political Economy. He lives with his wife and two energetic young boys in northern Florida, where they hike and paddle the local springs whenever possible. If Wes ever offers to cook for you, take him up on it (he makes an excellent Salmon Bulgogi).

Proudest Accomplishment: “Seeing our team sign up more than 750,000 new donors for the Democratic Party in just 8 months.”[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”Jon Scarlett
Vice President and National Field Director”]

Jon Scarlett is one of the most experienced directors of face-to-face outreach operations in the country. In recent years, he’s led a massive GOTV operation with, launched the DNC’s canvass program nationally, and before that ran the largest canvassing operation in the country for more than a decade. In his more than 30 years overseeing political canvassing and organizing, Jon has been instrumental in some of the largest and most effective outreach campaigns in recent history, setting a foundation for the model that is still used today.

Having grown up in Northern California and attended UC Berkeley, Jon has always been interested and involved in progressive politics, first canvassing for Congressman Ron Dellums in Berkeley after interning in Washington, D.C. But he really began to make his mark nationally during his 20-year career with the State PIRGs (Public Interest Research Groups), which included 10 years at the helm of the Fund for the Public Interest, running the nation’s largest canvass. During that time he supervised massive and diverse outreach efforts across the country, expanding the organization to 35 states.

Jon’s record with Grassroots Campaigns since co-founding it in 2003 has been equally impressive. After launching the DNC’s first canvass, he directed a cooperative campaign with MoveOn in 2004, helping them take their citizen outreach beyond the Internet with a volunteer-based voter contact operation, and subsequently helped MoveOn build 200 local volunteer chapters. As Vice President, he oversees many aspects of Grassroots Campaigns’ operations

Jon has a degree from UC Berkeley in Economics. He lives in Cambridge with his wife Janet and their two boys who,since entering their teenage years, have taught him a great deal of rap music lyrics.

Proudest Achievement: “Seeing Grassroots Campaigns grow from 4 people in 2003 to 104 full-time staff.”[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”Steve King
Assistant National Canvass Director”]

Steve walked into one of Grassroots Campaigns’ early offices looking to canvass for the DNC in 2004, but couldn’t take the job because he had a full-time career as a political pollster. The next day, he got a call from the director asking him to quit his job and come run the office, and he took the offer. Since then, Steve has helped Grassroots Campaigns grow from its early days up to the 30 offices and 100-plus full-time staff it has today. He currently works alongside Wes Jones overseeing the firm’s extensive national canvass, supervising the regional director team that run offices of more than 700 outreach staff.

Having grown up in a political household with his father working in affordable housing for the state, he was always drawn to the field. After college, Steve first got into polling for Quinnipiac University, but as the 2004 election was heating up, he wanted to do something to actually change those polls. As one of Grassroots Campaigns’ first directors, he’s played an important role in many campaigns, including running the first full-time street canvass for the DNC to defeat George W. Bush. Over the next nine years, Steve’s been involved in most endeavors the firm has taken on. He’s led voter contact in federal elections, the first ACLU fundraising canvass, and ran national recruitment, building a particularly strong team for the 2006 MoveOn and DNC election efforts.

Steve attended American University in D.C. He recently moved from Boston to North Carolina. He’s a big history buff who currently employs his talents for bar trivia, but someday would love to be a tour guide on the Freedom Trail in Boston.[/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”David Hackman
Account Executive”]

David Hackman started working for Grassroots Campaigns as a canvasser right out of college, and since then has worked in most aspects of the operation, including overseeing offices, regions of offices, and now dealing directly with clients. He’s worked on issues ranging from civil liberties to the environment, and has played a key role in the development and testing of campaigns and field tactics for new clients.
As an account manager, David currently works directly with organizations that hire Grassroots Campaigns to run their face-to-face outreach. He also meets with potential clients to discuss services, and works with the rest of the team to implement a broader strategy for the firm’s nationwide campaigns. David brings to such discussions an impressive amount of experience running offices and knocking on doors himself, including being the first canvasser to test the DNC’s 2008 outreach for the presidential campaign.

David holds a degree from Kalamazoo College. He currently lives in New York City, where he has an unhealthy obsession with playing pool, and a much healthier obsession with cooking tofu.

Proudest Achievement: “I pretty much lived in St. Louis for a month testing different methods of generating letters and video testimonials to Senator McCaskill for the Repower America clean jobs campaign. It was a blast.”


[acc_item title=”Angie Coleman-Levy
Account Manager”]

Angie Coleman-Levy started in the Los Angeles office of Grassroots Campaigns during the summer of 2008 with a goal of helping to get Obama elected.  She got the chance to help make that goal a reality when she departed her native California to run a voter outreach office in Dayton, Ohio.  On Election Day the exhilaration of  Obama winning Ohio was dampened by the passage of Proposition 8 in California.  The Proposition 8 vote made it clear to Angie that ongoing effort was needed in order to achieve lasting change, and this realization motivated her to commit to organizing long-term.

Over the past five years Angie has run a host of different campaigns including fundraising, field organizing, and electoral projects.  In total, the campaigns Angie ran directly raised$1.8 million and got over 45,000 people more involved in the political process.  In her current role as Account Manager, Angie works with Grassroots management staff to launch new campaigns and manage current campaigns –making sure that we hit or exceed our goals for every campaign.  She also works with our client groups to help develop their campaigns, and provide ongoing analysis and recommendations.

Angie holds a degree in Political Science and Psychology from the University of Colorado.  She currently resides in the Bay Area, where she spends her free time exploring local farmer’s markets and restaurants, and spending quality time with Calvin and Hobbes (her two cats).

Proudest Achievement: “I love that I’ve had the opportunity to open thousands of people’s eyes to the ripple effect that one person can have on another. One of the absolute best things an activist can do is train new activists, and working with GCI has allowed me to do that on a daily basis. ”

[acc_item title=”Bill Baker
National Recruitment Director”]Bill Baker was seriously considering going to law school as he approached college graduation in 2009. But watching the energy of the first Obama campaign while he was in school—along with one really good class on political organizing in his senior year—sent him in a different direction, and he’s never looked back. A great professor taught him that politics can be far more tangible and empowering than it often seems, and inspired him to take that lesson out of the classroom.

Since taking a job at Grassroots Campaigns, he’s overseen a successful campaign in Montana to reelect progressive Senator Jon Tester by organizing veterans and families of veterans to talk to 46,000 voters in the state. He’s also run small donor offices for Oxfam America and Planned Parenthood in Massachusetts and Connecticut, signing up thousands of new members for the organizations.

Bill holds a degree from Lehigh University in Political Science and has no plans to go to law school. He does, however, aspire to hike the entire Appalachian Trail.

Proudest Achievement: “Having the chance to run a campaign in my home state of Connecticut was pretty great.