What We Do

Face-to-Face Fundraising

We’ve helped build the small-donor membership base of some of the best and biggest progressive groups through millions of one-on-one conversations with supporters across the country.

Voter Contact and GOTV

We’ve been running data-driven voter outreach campaigns since 2004, including knocking on millions of doors to help elect President Obama.  For every voter contact campaign, quality interactions are our top priority.

Grassroots Advocacy

Whether it’s getting petition signatures, creating thousands of citizen video appeals to send to Congress, or mobilizing supporters to hit the streets, we specialize in innovative advocacy campaigns that make waves.

Voter Registration
Since 2004 we’ve helped register over 2 million voters, including running targeted African-American community drives and bilingual registration campaigns on both coasts.

We place the highest priority on training our staff to be excellent organizers.  We can also help train your staff or volunteers in order to make your internal outreach efforts as successful as possible.

Volunteer Recruitment and Organizing  – Wholesale Model
We’re able to place trained organizers on the ground to recruit, train and manage volunteers around an advocacy campaign. 

In one year, one of our organizers can typically produce:

  • 20 district meetings
  • 15 news conferences
  • 8 editorial board meetings
  • 15 visibility events
  • 750 letters to target
  • 750 calls to the target
  • 160 Letters to the editor submitted, 32 printed

After one year, each organizer would have contacted 3,000 supporters as well as developed the following volunteer infrastructure:

  • 5 Volunteer District Leaders
  • 25 Team Leaders
  • 50 Team Members

Organizing –Retail Campaign Work
We’re able to place trained organizers on the ground for short-term projects to implement campaign tactics ranging from running news conferences and constituent-run district lobby meetings to holding visibility events and rallies.

In three months, from one organizer we would expect:

•     1-2 news events, 1-2 press releases
•     18 coalition endorsements (all non-traditional or VIP)
•     1-2 op-eds printed
•     1-2 editorials printed
•     6 LTEs printed