Grassroots Campaigns has raised $35 million from 984,000 donors, for anti-hate groups including but not limited to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Equality California, Lambda Legal, and ACLU.

In addition to running ongoing small-donor fundraising canvasses throughout the U.S., Grassroots Campaigns also has more than a decade of experience running cutting-edge voter contact, volunteer organizing, and grassroots advocacy campaigns on behalf of progressive political groups and candidates. The services we provide include:


We’ve helped build the small-donor membership base of some of the best and biggest progressive groups through millions of one-on-one conversations with supporters across the country.

Paid Voter Contact & GOTV

We’ve been running data-driven voter outreach campaigns since 2004, including knocking on millions of doors to help elect President Obama. For every voter contact campaign, quality interactions are our top priority.
We can run paid voter contact canvass offices in targeted races, for voter ID, voter persuasion, or GOTV. 

Volunteer Voter Contact and GOTV

We can place trained organizers on the ground who will build a network of volunteers, train precinct captains, and establish volunteer-driven neighborhood outreach efforts.

Voter Registration

We can run paid canvasses to register voters in key districts or states.

Volunteer Recruitment and Organizing

We can place trained organizers on the ground to recruit, train and manage volunteers long-term around an advocacy campaign. Organizers call through existing lists of members/supporters/petition signers and build a network of trained volunteers ready to take action on behalf of the campaign. 


Whether it’s getting petition signatures, creating thousands of citizen video appeals to send to Congress, or mobilizing supporters to hit the streets, we specialize in innovative advocacy campaigns that make waves.

Phone Services

We partner with a dedicated progressive call center with locations in CO, TX, MA, and CA to provide integrated phone services by callers who care about our causes. Integrated phone/field projects can be managed by a single project manager.


We place the highest priority on training our staff to be excellent organizers. We can also help train your staff or volunteers in order to make your internal outreach efforts as successful as possible.